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Negative-pressured Cassette Single Facer SFN35/SFN32
Technical parameters

Mode SFN35
Effective Width 2500/2800mm
Motor Power 45~55KW
Machine Speed 350m/min
Heat Source steam
Mode SFN32
Effective Width 1800/2200/2500/2800mm
Motor Power 37~55KW
Machine Speed 320m/min
Heat Source Steam

Product Specification

Closed cast frame, high strength, low vibration. Flute roll assembly at bottom while pressure roll on top, lower gravity core while less vibration; Quick flute roll change within 15 minutes.
· Swing-type gluing assembly, keeping low vibration and easy for maintenance
· Cooperate with the splicer to automatically adjust speed
· Intell igent processing system, automatic data storage
· The servo electronic ruler can accurately adjust glue gap and display it digitally. It can automatically adjust glue gap according to the speed
· The pressure of the pressure roll is controlled by the proportion of oil pressure, which can be automatical ly adjusted according to the material and speed to keep the pressure constant
· Main belt drive, lower noise and less energy consumption
· Temperature display of paper. Preheater & pre-conditioner automatically wrap the Angle of the cylinder according to the preset value
· arc hot plate for both liner and corrugated paper, and Preheater & pre-conditioner inf inite close to the corrugated rolls, reduce heating loss, energy saving and consumption reduction
· Glue roll run with auto cleaning functio n, Servo Alignment Controlling and Auto Spraying water according the running paper size, as well as Glue cooling system

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