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"2015 China International Corrugated fair" successful closing, and then the peak of entrepreneurship

Publisher: WANLIAN Packing Mechanics CO., LTD.   Time:2015-6-17 18:10:18

  Global corrugated industry leading event, 2015 China International Corrugated exhibition in April 17, 2015 in Shanghai New International Expo Center successfully concluded. Display area of 67000 square meters, brought together more than 600 industry leading brand, focused on the presentation of more than 1400 sets of high-end and high price of equipment and more than 1000 kinds of supplies, has been focused on the corrugated industry information, communication, cooperation, trade, development and other diversified information. The exhibition site crowds, four days a total number of visitors to 40570 people, representing an increase of 54.30% last year. The scale of the exhibition is large, impressive, once again to the global corrugated box industry proved the China International Corrugated show global appeal and brand strength.
  "One-stop" trading platform, the world's leading idea
  As the world's leading corrugated carton equipment, supplies and technical professional exhibition, China International Waleng exhibition has become the global corrugated box manufacturing equipment and consumables suppliers important brand exhibition and product promotion platform. The exhibition, the corrugated equipment supplier to carry the latest, cutting-edge technology, equipment, shock debut, full of creative and aesthetic way to stunning debut, fully demonstrate the industry's technology leading charm.
  Exhibition site launched a new conference, many well-known exhibitors to bring their products. New top corrugated equipment manufacturers strong power "2015 China International Corrugated exhibition, BHS, Marquip ward united, fosber, Goettsch, sun automation group, EMBA, transpak, Rodicut, champion, Ming Wei paper, Taiwan endurance, Jiangxi Hsieh Hsu, Dongguan Yixiang, Guangdong Wanlian, Qingdao micron, Qingdao to develop, Shanghai Han iron, Guangzhou Branch Sheng long, Shanghai Dinglong, Shanghai Jinchang, Zhuzhou Sanxin, Yangzhou weipeng, Shanghai Keyao, Taiwan Baowang and enterprise covers to the corrugated production system to the packaging molding equipment supplies and accessories. The scene of many new equipment starting and demonstration activities is to make the audience dizzying, attracted the audience have stopped watching. Show the full range of new field training and professional interpretation, for the audience to build a real blue ocean.
  International communication space, brought together the industry elite
  After years of growth and development, Chinese International Corrugated already have a strong influence. It is reported that the exhibition convergence more than 100 plane, network media, more than 70 sea both inside and outside the industry association group exhibition, and from more than 100 countries more than 36000 audience at home and abroad, for the corrugated industry professionals to create an opportunity for meetings with the industry elite,, expand the business circle of contacts.
  With the rising influence of China International Waleng exhibition, the degree of internationalization also entered the new stage, "2015 China International Waleng Exhibition", in addition to bring together from Britain, France, India, Belgium, Finland, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions, more than 20 well-known enterprises exhibitors, more from the United States, Germany, Spain, Italy, the four Pavilions blockbuster debut. It is worth mentioning is that the current from of corrugated equipment providers in the United States for the first time in the form of country pavilions participating groups, bring the United States manufacturing high precision equipment and advanced technology, will lead the audience into the unprecedented carton manufacturing fields and bring real positive hair new opportunities.
  Host excitation Expo Group has maintained close contact with the global each country corrugated case Association, and actively participate in the activities of the association. The 2015 China International Corrugated exhibition, including the international corrugated boxes, corrugated box Association of Asia, India corrugated box manufacturers association, Indonesia corrugated board industry association, Malaysia corrugated box manufacturers association, Singapore corrugated box manufacturers association, China Packaging Committee and other paper products packaging Committee and other industry associations have given various forms of support. For "2015 China International Corrugated" Exhibition on an unprecedented scale, numerous associations expressed surprise and firmly believe that the exhibition will pay more convergence industry leader, leading the development of the industry, to become the global corrugated packaging industry attention event.
  Innovative services, two characteristics area wide acclaim
  2015 Chinese International Exhibition for the first time the establishment of intelligent factory corrugated carton pre printed area and area. Intelligent chemical plant area to display the logistics transportation, stacking and ground logistics, factory and equipment and other modern technology and equipment, to provide the carton factory intelligent office, management and production solutions for suppliers to build a market share of intelligent chemical plant to achieve a very valuable communication and to create a domestic leading professional display platform. And carton pre printed area is concentrated display of prepress equipment, printing equipment, automation and testing equipment, processing supplies and paper, provide solutions for pre printed carton business, and create a leading domestic carton pre printing professional display platform.
  Establishment of new area of in intensively display of the professionals in the field of technology to provide diversified intelligent and pre print solutions. So that carton companies in the latest technology to understand the same time, the system to grasp the whole picture of the field, more accurate grasp the pulse of the market, leading unlimited business opportunities. Host excitation Expo Group with the purpose of "customer - oriented" service concept, launched the service innovation, high popularity in the exhibition site, harvest a lot of exhibitors cooing.

  Fun activities, but also add a different color
  Exhibition organizers, focusing on the theme of "reed Chinese carton industry training week", launched around the summit forum and the corrugated industry hot topic of multi field: TAPPI forum, ICCA / WCO / global corrugated box paper industry summit, the 2015 Summit Forum on the development of Chinese, flexo carton standardization policy analysis, 2015 Chinese Forum carton packaging and future development of electronic commerce, the Packaging Summit theme day, Reed - Kun Au open class, carton transport packaging forum, transport packaging engineer certification training, second RISI Chinese paper packaging Forum (CPPS 2015), carton factory intelligent factory building forum, new conference and so close to the industry hot topics the meeting, exhibitors in the browse rich exhibits, gain more market information.
  Except Industry Training Week activities outside, the organizers also for audience held factory visit, business matching, international, fit the needs of the industry. Of course, is far more than that, the audience in a visit to the exhibition, as well as creative carton industry carnival". Another corrugated extension creative exhibits demonstrate District, corrugated creative fashion show, small tile Leng, signature exchange gifts and other wonderful trip, let audience participation "corrugated trip, appears to be more rich and colorful.
  "2015 China international Waleng Exhibition" held successfully laid a solid foundation for the next corrugated undoubtedly. The organizers of the exhibition, said with confidence, as China's economy continues to grow, China's packaging industry to maintain rapid development trend, and China International Corrugated exhibition not only reflects the needs of the Chinese market, but also on behalf of the global market trends, the show will continue to maintain its international status, to attract more domestic outreach providers and the arrival of the audience. Reed Exhibitions thank you for your support and attention as in the past, and look forward to working with you together in the "2017 China international Waleng exhibition".
  About 2015 China International Waleng Exhibition - China International Waleng exhibition is a leading global professional corrugated equipment, materials and technology exhibition, in the exhibition area of 67000 square metres together more than 600 industry leading brand, has been focused on the more than 1400 sets of high-end and high price of equipment and more than 1000 kinds of supplies, assists the carton factory, purchasing decisions, to provide informed the channels of cutting-edge products, technological innovation and market dynamics, to build highly value communication is a unique platform with suppliers. As the world's leading manufacturer of corrugated packaging, with the release of many new products, market development trends and the positive participation of the industry elite, China International Corrugated exhibition will lead the industry rapid development.

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