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Guangdong Wanlian packaging machinery in the "2011 Chinese international Waleng exhibition"

Publisher: WANLIAN Packing Mechanics CO., LTD.   Time:2015-6-17 17:57:37

  Guangdong Wanlian Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Pearl River Delta, located in the potential development of Shunde Beijiao Industrial Park, after 10 years of hard work, has now become to R & D, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the large-scale comprehensive sets of corrugated cardboard production line of packaging machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises, the sales network all over across the country with most countries in the world. Company not only through the ISO9001:2008 quality certification system, but also known as the national high-tech enterprises.
  Founded in 1994, Wanlian development can be described as "stable" and "Shun": at the beginning of the establishment of processing all kinds of corrugated roller based; in 1998, began production of single-sided corrugating machine and other corrugated production line equipment; in 2001, first corrugated cardboard production line the whole line installation located in client; in 2003, began to comprehensive development, manufacturing production line, the basic realization of R & D, design, process control, production services supporting projects. The most important reason for the development of this kind of ladder type is derived from the company's "professional and focused" concept. When the corrugated machinery manufacturing industry surging, many of the same industry began operating a variety of, Wanlian company unmoved, adhere to the "professional, focus on" high-end carton machinery and equipment manufacturing, has been focusing its resources on high-speed, high efficiency, energy-saving board machinery and equipment in the field without wavering. In the future for a long period of time, Wanlian will continue to adhere to the board of machinery and equipment manufacturing. It is relying on such a steady, dedicated spirit, Wanlian shoe line equipment has become market similar products professional, high-quality symbol. After many years of development, a variety of products have been formed, a variety of.
  The global financial crisis that broke out in 2008 has slowed the process of the market, and now the storm has gone away, and the "low carbon" trend of the industry provides new ideas and opportunities. Wanlian think shoe line, the future will have a higher reliability index and cost intelligent comprehensive new production line. In the environment change unpredictably, always adhere to the critical need Wanlian, higher quality of the product line. Therefore, "create the best China corrugated cardboard machine" has become one of the objectives pursued wanlian. And tracking corrugated cardboard products market, research to adapt to the production process of low weight, high strength corrugated cardboard, research and development of new corrugated board production line is the way to develop new blue ocean. Determined, to do, do not follow suit, do not shake.
  If the cardboard carton of excellence "before" process of machinery and equipment manufacturing is Wanlian to open up the market of "hardware", so, actively participate in the exhibition is the "moisten things silently" "software". In the previous China International Waleng exhibition, exhibition Wanlian equipment have been exhibitors heart carved in the "professional, high-quality" impression, under a session of China International Waleng exhibition will be held next April 6 ~ 9, Shanghai New International Expo Center again grandly held, for Wanlian grand debut, we will wait and see.

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