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Division I take part in the 2013 International Corrugated box and carton industry exhibition

Publisher: WANLIAN Packing Mechanics CO., LTD.   Time:2015-6-17 17:52:47

Exhibition introduction:
       As Europe's only professional corrugated paper and carton exhibition, 2013, a total of 15 countries 110 exhibitors, exhibition area reached 8500 square. There are 2040 professional visitors from 65 countries. 89% visit to the procurement policy makers, while nearly 1300 visitors from Germany, including Italy, Britain, Spain, Russia, Poland, Turkey, France, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, the top ten international delegations. As an international professional exhibition, the show's 80% exhibitors and 70% of the audience from all over the world.
       In the most popular products, corrugated carton equipment platoon in the first place, followed by the other: corrugated paper production line, printing machine, folding machine, raw materials, equipment control, storage and handling and control, prepress equipment.

Range of exhibits:
       Cardboard processing equipment and spare parts: corrugated cardboard production line, single-sided corrugating machine, thin knife slitting and creasing machine, cutting machine, stacking machine, paper machine, corrugated roller, cotton belt, with needles, slitting knife, knife cutting, grinding wheel, rotary joint, clutch, brake device, a light pressure round (round the sun), glue machine, rectifying system, vapor recovery system.
       Carton processing equipment and spare parts: seihan, imposition, proofing machine, engraving machine, material machine, water-based printing, gravure printing machine, flexo printing machine, die-cutting machine, laminating machine, nail box machine, visco box machine, binding machine, end of the machine, cutting machine, indentation machine, laser knife mold cutting, spray system, roller, rubber pad, line pressing roller, equalizer, the feeding roller, industrial belts and so on.
       Cellular processing equipment and accessories: honeycomb paperboard, honeycomb paper core wire line, paper corner equipment, paper pulp processing equipment.
       Carton processing all kinds of industrial paper: Kraft, hang cattle, cattle, white paper, white paper.
       The carton processing related supplies: plate, ink, flat and cylinder block of wood, lubricating grease, adhesive, additive, die-cutting knife, gasket, packing belt, tearing belt, the end of the tape, double-sided adhesive tape.
       Carton processing software category: box type design software, management software, production management software, automatic control system software, etc..
       Carton processing services: sedan, business model, training, tile line transformation, second-hand equipment.
       Workshop equipment category: whole plant conveying system, waste treatment equipment, waste treatment equipment, humidification and temperature equipment, forklifts, hold the car, sewage treatment.

European corrugated paper industry basic information:
       Europe's annual production capacity of corrugated boxes reached 42000000000 square meters, equivalent to the entire Swiss or Danish land area. Over 73000000000 dollars. In Europe a total of 420 enterprises, 686 corrugated paper manufacturing factory. Employees reached 78800.
       In Europe, nearly 40% of the corrugated paper is used for food packaging, it can effectively protect the food and to reduce food waste. Therefore, the need to constantly optimize the strength of corrugated paper, to maximize the protection of food.
       Compared to 15 years ago, now an average of more than 5% corrugated paper lighter, and 7% is the use of recycled materials.
       2006-2016 global corrugated box production forecast chart, Europe is still the world's second largest corrugated box manufacturing area after china.

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