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Enterprise vision: to enter the international market, domestic packaging machinery industry. 

Development strategy: to implement the strategy of "union packaging machinery equipment manufacturing industry".  

●Brand development strategy of advantages:

1.the successful brand can gain market competitive advantage;

2.the influence of the target market;

3.high successful brand price;

4.easiness of market competition, excellent market performance and results.

Low brand development strategy:

1.brand positioning, optimizing strategic market segmentation;
2.improve mechanical packaging system components compatibility; 

3.adhere to the "quality first". 

Low than al packaging machinery industry strategy:

1.adjust the industrial structure, improve the international competitiveness;

2.actively explore and adapt to the international market, the development of green packaging machinery;

3.actively introduce technology, enhance independent innovation ability;

4.actively implement product standardization, spare parts production specialization.

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